Make a stunning entrance through the large
doors leading in to the sanctuary.  

Many a groom has had his breath taken away
as these doors open to reveal his beautiful
A staircase that was once
dark and secluded is now
a striking feature in the
foyer.  It is the perfect
spot to pause briefly for
one last photograph
before being escorted in
to the sanctuary.
Wedding Chapel Entry
Wedding Chapel Entry
As you enter the Chapel the foyer is now warm and inviting.  A
generous space for your guests as they arrive and for your
receiving line after your wedding.
Wedding Chapel outside front
Outside front of the Wedding Chapel
Thank You
for visiting
Garden Chapel.
One of two
stained glass
windows you will
find in the bell
tower.  Imagine
this as a backdrop
for that treasured
portrait of you and
your parents or
special friend.
Also in the bridal dressing suite,
the original bell tower. This
charming secluded room
offers a quiet spot to calm
pre-wedding jitters.  
For your comfort
and convenience a
private half bath
has added to the
Bridal Dressing Room
Upstairs there was once a choir loft. By the mid sixties, the
windows had been boarded over and walls had been
added to provide classrooms.  Eventually, closed off
entirely and used for storage, the once inspirational choir
balcony had fallen into considerable disrepair.  

During the renovation the windows were uncovered and
restored.  The walls were removed to reveal a spacious
area that is now the main dressing room of the bridal
dressing suite, a roomy and comfortable area for you and
your bridal party to prepare for your wedding ceremony.
Garden Chapel, with its old-world style, is the ideal location for your wedding
ceremony.  Nestled in the quaint historic area of Greenfield, Indiana, this stately
Gothic structure will lend traditional charm and elegance to your special day.

The Chapel was originally constructed as St. Michael’s Catholic Church in 1898 and
has since been home to several congregations.  In December 2000, under new
ownership, a total restoration of the interior was set in motion.

Magnificent features such as a twenty-eight foot Gothic arch ceiling and beautiful
stained glass windows that had been hidden for many years were uncovered and
restored.  Other features were updated to enhance the original beauty of the
nineteenth century design.  
Overlook with Lighted Cross and
8 ft. Entrance Doors to the Sanctuary
In the rear of the sanctuary is an overlook
with a large lighted cross.  The cross, a
subtle lighting feature, is perfect for an
evening wedding.  The overlook provides a
vantage point for a photographer during
your ceremony, or for the bride who
chooses to be unique… a violinist to render
a truly romantic processional.  
Pass through the tall wooden doors and you are in the sanctuary.  It is here, with the
prominence of the arched ceiling and stained glass windows you can feel the grandeur of this
century old Chapel and you and your guests can enjoy a piece of time-honored history.
Chapel Sanctuary from center isle.
Altar from the Overlook.
The Sacristy was originally located behind the altar.  Today this area is used as  the Grooms
Dressing Chamber.  With a separate entrance from the outside and direct passage to the
altar, the two of you need not cross paths on your wedding day until the much-anticipated
moment you meet to exchange your vows.
A Beautiful Place for Your Wedding
Wedding Chapel Pictures
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